Seattle's Most Flexible & Convenient Program
      Do you need a driver education program that fits your teenager's busy sports/activity schedule? A user-friendly program that respects your valuable time? You've found it. Since 2004 we have helped thousands of students who could not be served by other less flexible & innovative programs.

How Do We Do This?
      During the school year, we have a unique, one-day-a-week online class format the students can attend either Saturdays at 10AM or Sundays at 3:30 each weekend. Can't make it to every class? No problem. We have special makeup sessions in the month after the program ends. We'll do whatever it takes to make this work for you. With minimal disruption and maximum effectiveness.

Home Pickup On the Drives
      For your convenience, we pick up your teen at home, school, or sports practice for the 6 in-car drives, saving you many hours of driving back and forth to our office.

Better Instruction
       Our private lessons are based on reality, not textbooks, theory, or unrealistic concepts. Our fact-based methodology has resulted in over 60K collision free lessons. The training is done with

great patience

which minimizes stress. Students get instruction which is customized to their individulal needs.

Concerned About Covid-19?
       You should be. To absolutely minimize the hazards of being in an enclosed space (the instruction vehicle) we use a custom-engineered ventilation system that sucks air out at 1450 C.F.M. (that's a LOT) Essentially, exhaled air is evacuated before it can be inhaled by the other person.

Ask Your Friends
       As you know, your friends are significantly more credible than websites, advertisements, or online reviews. This being fact, please ask your friends who have gone through our program. You will hear positive things. That's the cornerstone of our business: To provide an unmatched level of customer service that past clients are happy to talk about.

Need More Information?
       Contact the Owner and I'll get back to you promptly with answers to your questions.

Thank you!

Scott Walmsley: